Santa Clarita, Simi Valley Showcase Smart Irrigation Technology

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Santa Clarita and Simi Valley are among a growing number of local agencies irrigating publicly-owned landscaped areas with smart irrigation technology to save water, energy, staff time and money.  Smart irrigation technology acts like a thermostat for irrigation systems by responding to weather and moisture content in the soil and thus adjusting the amount of water provided.

Estimates suggest that installing smart irrigation systems (also referred to as “controllers”) can reduce water use by 20 percent.  Additional benefits may include reducing:

  • Energy costs related to pumping water;
  • Vehicle miles traveled by agency staff and related fuel costs; and
  • Staff resources needed to manage irrigation systems.

The two California Green Community cities and the City of Woodland are featured in a sustainability case study on smart irrigation technology published by the Institute for Local Government.  All three cities participate in the sustainability and climate change recognition program, the Beacon Award: Local Leadership toward Solving Climate Change.  The Beacon Award is a program of the Institute for Local Government and the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative.

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