Our mission is to make your move as easy and affordable as possible while minimizing our impact on the environment.

Repax is the Reusable Packing System that’s revolutionizing the residential and commercial moving market. We understand the hassle of the time consuming practices of the traditional moving process, and its impact on the environment. We have taken the less sustainable moving products out of the moving equation.

No one likes to pack. We know that. We are determined to make it easier on you. Repax™ offers a system of sturdy, stackable crates and dollies. Our crates hold more weight than traditional cardboard boxes, so you can pack more in less. Once the crates are full, simply stack them on a dolly then roll them where you want.

Our Repax crates are 30% larger than the typical cardboard boxes used for moving. Repax™ crates are also made of sturdy, heavy–gauge reusable plastic so they hold more. We deliver the crates and dollies to you ReFresh™ and ready to use. Saving a total of up to 40% of potential truck space, and tons of assembly time.

Repax… a well planned move… a Green move… a Smart move