Athens Services


Family owned and locally operated, Athens Services has been providing recycling and waste collection services in Southern California since 1957. We are in the business of diverting valuable resources from landfill, reducing our environmental impact, and creating local green jobs. Athens Services employs over 1,000 workers in Southern California making us one of the largest green jobs providers in the area.

Our Services

We provide service to municipal, residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our state-of-the-art services include collection and processing of recycling and mixed waste, construction and demolition, and food waste and organics. We also provide on-site staff training, transfer services, street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, power washing, special waste handling, storage box rentals, and alternative fuel vehicles.

  • Recycling Facility
    In 1996, we opened our first materials recovery facility and we continue to invest in California’s recycling infrastructure with two additional facilities in permitting stages. By operating a mixed waste processing facility, Athens Services provides its customers with a highly effective solution to recycling that reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. The facility can process 5,000 tons of mixed material each day and is fully enclosed allowing for virtually no noise or odor impact to the surrounding community.
  • Composting and Food Waste
    Athens Services provides food and organics recycling programs for both residential and food service establishments. The collected material is brought to our compost facility American Organics where it is processed into nutrient rich compost for agricultural end-users.  Our compost material is OMRI Listed® and approved to be used on organic operations.  Athens Services currently has food waste recycling programs for the cities of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Redondo Beach.
  • Construction and Demolition
    Athens has constructed a separate facility for the processing of construction and demolition debris. Our C&D facility diversion is certified and rated as one of the highest in the Los Angeles area.  The materials can be characterized to evaluate a project’s diversion rate and ensure compliance with sustainability and LEED® objectives.
  • AB 341 – Mandatory Commerical Recycling Law
    Athens Services customers are AB341 compliant, because we do the recycling for you! Our advanced operations enable us to separate recyclables from waste, ensuring AB 341 compliance for our clients. Athens Services is dedicated to working with local jurisdictions as they implement commercial recycling programs and requirements regarding education, outreach, and monitoring programs. For more on our AB 341 services visit

Earth Commitment

Athens Services is committed to the environment and supports California as it moves towards a more sustainable future. We are always looking for ways to advance our recycling programs, save precious resources, and create a better environment now and for generations to come.

Beyond our regular services, here are some ways we are pledging our Earth Commitment!

  • Building Southern California’s first LEED Certified and solar powered recycling facility
  • Operating alternative fuel vehicles and investing in a phase-in plan to convert our entire collection fleet
  • Purchasing recycled content and environmentally friendly products whenever possible
  • Providing Zero Waste event planning, education programs, and facility tours
  • Fostering economic growth by partnering with local vendors  and supporting local organizations
  • Arranging compost giveback programs for community gardens, nonprofits, city events, and beautification projects
  • Make for a cleaner environment through street sweeping, parking lot sweeping, and power washing. All of our street sweeping trucks are powered by alternative fuels.