Allan Company


Since being founded in 1963, Allan Company has become one of the premier recycling companies in the nation.  The company currently provides recycling programs to over 2,000 commercial accounts throughout the country, and is a trusted recycling service provider to numerous local jurisdictions and governmental agencies.  Allan Company currently handles over one million tons of recyclable materials annually, and provides a broad range of recycling services.

  • Municipal Curbside Recycling

Allan Company was one of the first companies to accept and sort single-stream curbside in California, and today processes single stream material from dozens of local jurisdictions. With its state-of-the-art curbside operations, Allan Company can help local jurisdictions maximize their material recovery and diversion rates, while increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Allan Company’s competitive prices, vast operations expertise, customized reporting, and prompt payment, make it a superior choice for single stream curbside processing.

  • Commercial and Industrial Recycling Programs

Allan Company prides itself on understanding each customer. Whether its equipment, processes, staffing, or special pick-up requirements, you will feel like you are Allan Company’s only customer. We own and operate a modern fleet of electronically dispatched trucks including roll-offs, bobtails and semis to provide our customers with proper and timely service. We can help reduce your trash costs and put additional dollars on your bottom line. Together we will explore ways to customize processes and equipment that lead to improvements in your recycling program, so that you can be proud of your environmental stewardship while receiving the highest return on your recycling program.

  • AB 341 Experts

At Allan Company, we are AB 341 (Mandatory Recycling of Commercial Solid Waste) experts.  That means that we can help you design, implement, and improve upon your recycling program to ensure your compliance with AB 341.  Allan Company even helped to shape AB 341 by spearheading efforts to protect the right of a business to sell or donate its recyclables.

  • Public recycling centers (CRV, scrap metals, paper, plastics, glass, and e-waste)

Allan Company operates 12 full-service recycling centers where it purchases CRV-eligible bottles and cans, paper, plastic, metal (ferrous and non-ferrous), glass, and e-waste from the public.

Direct International Sales

In order to bring the highest value to generators, Allan Company has developed and maintained numerous buy-sell relationships all over the world. These long-term relationships enable Allan Company to realize better prices for recyclables, and in turn, consistently offer you a highly competitive price for your materials.

RIOS Certified

In 2012, Allan Company received RIOS certification, thereby further expanding Allan Company’s leadership position in the recycling industry.  RIOS, or the Recycling Industry Operating Standard®, is the recycling industry’s standard for quality, environmental, and health & safety management systems.